Website design is what impresses the visitors first. It is the ‘clothing’ of your website, and as the proverb says, ‘they charge you on your clothes’.

Of course it is possible to make the needed impression and gain success during the negotiations even if you wear badly cut, wrinkled and dirty clothes. But why do you need extra complexity?

On the other side, many webmasters treat their job as a means of self-expression. We consider this absolutely incorrect. Website design is not art and is not a ‘thing in itself’. It is a means of impressing the others in a way you need.

We do not create web design that is too much complicated – they one overloaded with graphical elements and bright colors (‘for appearance’). We think that the ‘suit’ is supposed to be convenient to use; it should not strike one’s eye because of being tasteless; it should look decent.

After all, we keep the usability in mind – we design websites in a way to have the visitors use them at ease. After the design works are over, we run detailed usability and technical tests which let us make sure that there are no broken links, slow pages and missing META tags on a website.