Our Approach

The “TechBrand” staff realizes the importance of planning the things, regulating the processes and controlling the way the things are carried out. That is why we have developed the Process Approach that saves the resources, allows us fulfilling the tasks faster, and gives you a possibility to learn about the current stage of your project fulfillment, and about the results.

The project monitoring is managed with the help of the dotProject system that gives a possibility to efficiently outline the due tasks (as well as the due dates), and track the progress of work.

However this is not the major feature that keeps us distinct from the others. The main thing is a friendly attitude towards a client. We do not keep secrets on the job we do; we do not describe website optimization as shamanism, and do not claim web design to be something that is comprehensible to the insiders only. We will be happy to enlighten you on the methods we use to promote websites on the Web, and tell you about the role of this or that design element. That is much more important.

How Do We Work?


  • Preliminary stage. Collection of information, consulting.
    1. Defining the needs of the customer, outlining the aims and tasks to be solved.
    2. Analyzing the market, targeted audience and the competitors. This allows evaluating effectiveness of the project, merits and demerits of the solutions applied by the competitors.
    3. Preliminary rough estimate of the pricing and deadlines.
  • Taking the decision and getting approval.
    1. Creating a precise technical assignment.
    2. Defining the deadlines and expenses.
  • Carrying the things out into practice.
    1. Laborious team-work of the designers, copywriters and marketing specialists.
    2. Running tests, getting feedback and “tweaking” the solution due to the customer’s comments and wishes.