Methodology of Content Development

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  • Interviewing the customer. Getting detailed information on:
    • Website aims (e.g., selling goods/ offering services, info site).
    • Your business.
    • Website visitors: understanding their distinctive features, needs and preferences.
    • In-depth study of the market and the competitors: their conceptions, strategies used to achieve the aims, and peculiarities.
  • Outlining the brief task. Defining the due date of the work to be done.
  • Analyzing the obtained information. Defining the strong points of the product that should be emphasized. Segmenting the visitors (if needed) and defining the preferences of each segmented group, plus learning about peculiarities of their decision-making.
  • Creating an effective conception of the website. Each visitor of your website pursue his/her own ends. To make the purchase successful, you should make your website help them achieve their aims. In this case the people, after reading your website content will be eager to buy your product! The major aim of this stage is combining the website aims with the visitors’ aims.
    • First, we create several typical portraits of your visitors, each of them having his/her own needs and wishes.
    • We model the “paths” (“behavior scenarios”) that the visitor of each segmented group follows in order to get what he/she needs, and takes the actions that you want them to take.
  • Carrying the things out into practice. Having a good idea of the aims and strategy, we do copywriting.
  • Getting feedback. Analyzing and using the received data in order to increase conversion.