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Whole Brain Entrainment

Brainwave entrainment can balance the two hemispheres of the brain, creating optimum “whole brain functioning” These remarkable recordings can help you reach extraordinary states of well being, nurturing your mind, body and spirit ~ helping you to realize your full potential. 

By listening to Brain Waves Technology entrainment recordings over time, the brain restructures, creating cohesion, higher levels of integration and hemispheric synchronization or whole brain functioning. As the brain becomes entrained to the frequencies, the brain will then resonate to the same brainwave pattern. The results are new positive connections are formed between both the left and right brain hemispheres, leading to a balanced brain. Whole brain functioning is linked to creativity, insight, 'peak experiences', problem solving, focus, a sense of purpose, balanced emotions and heightened perception and may lead to better cognitive abilities, enhanced learning ability and higher intelligence.

Peak Experiences

Abraham H. Maslow, PhD – the exponent of humanistic psychology states that all humans are motivated by a hierarchal set of needs. When all our lower basic needs are met we can then move onto meeting higher needs. Needs for knowing and understanding and esthetic needs, referred to as abundancy needs in contrast to deficiency needs (insecurity, alienation). The highest abundancy need is termed "Self Actualization" or self-realization – or the drive to realize one’s full potential – in other words, your power is far greater than you imagined. Self actualizing figures include Kurt Goldstein Ludwig van Beethoven, Albert Einstein and Henry David Thoreau. Self-actualizing individuals can have what is termed ‘peak experiences’ and ‘plateau experiences’ – which some term a “natural high”! In actuality peak experiences affords one with great personal growth, integration, and fulfillment.

People, who exhibit the characteristics of spontaneity, are problem centered, rather than self centered and have a tendency towards mysticism, creativeness and non-conformity. These individuals often enjoy “peak experiences” - moments of great awe. Peak experiences can be highly creative experiences, with illuminations or insights or they may be of a deep contemplative nature, with euphoria (intense feeling of wellbeing), harmonization and interconnectedness. Peak experiences are extremely joyous moments, with feelings of intense happiness and well-being. Maslow further describes ‘self-actualizing’ individuals experience life in a much more integrated, altogether, cohesive and harmonious way and even a transcendental way. He termed this ‘B cognition’ or a perception of Being, in contrast to ‘D cognition ‘or a perception of deficiency. Self actualizing would be, the supreme need to strive for and obtain. 

Maslow’s meaning of being, is that the spiritual and mystical experience - is the perception of Being.. These experiences are humanistic and not at all abnormal. The experiences, as in meditation - the perception of being, occur naturally at higher levels of integration, cohesion and peacefulness in the human brain (alpha, theta and delta waves) whole brain functioning. 

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