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This months feature: Subliminal Audios

In need of subliminal audios that are deeply motivating, inspiring and teamed with exquisite and uplifting ambient music for your personal development? Check out our all new Extreme Subliminal Program Range

New Extreme Subliminal Programs ®™ ~ Subliminal Audio Range

Want to give your body building workout a power boost? Or lose weight easier? No problem. We have added two new exciting subliminal audios. A new weight loss system subliminal audio and a subliminal workout motivator audio, both with uplifting ambient music, available as a subliminal audio mp3, download or as an audio Cd in our online subliminal audio shop. Each subliminal audio has an audio sample that can be listened to before you purchase. We are adding new subliminal audios releases regularly, so please visit Brain Waves Technology®™ subliminal audios store for new titles.

Each and every subliminal audio has been recorded to the highest quality and professionally designed. We at Brain Waves Technology®™ take our time in making all of our subliminal audios and take pride in all our subliminal recording audios. We love to create truly inspiring subliminal audios along with meditation, relaxation, and personal development audios. Our range of quality subliminal audios is continually expanding, so visit our online subliminal audio store from time to time for new releases. We also have an extensive range of quality meditation, relaxation and personal development audios.

About Subliminal Audios

Subliminal audios may be a greatly effective tool to help to modify  target behaviors, ideal to change a specific behavior. All subliminal affirmations and subliminal messages on our subliminal audios are recorded then layered into exquisite music. Subliminal messages are designed to bypass conscious awareness and enter directly deep into the subconscious. It is here, deep within, that they (subliminal affirmations) shape and affect the changes that you desire by positively reprogramming your subconscious mind. You will not consciously hear the subliminal audios messages/affirmations you will hear only the music or the sounds of nature. However, subconsciously the subliminal messages are being deeply absorbed to affect positive change from within, igniting your motivating energy. Our exciting new extreme subliminal audio range helps you to tap into that vibrant inner energy within and allows your conscious and subconscious mind to work together and take you to new levels to bring about constructive change from within, maximizing your personal development and potential.

Brain Waves Technology®™ subliminal audios have been designed for effectiveness, along with a pleasurable listening experience. Our audios are very powerful and transformational, assisting listeners to create lasting positive change from within. Each subliminal audio has been co created by a professional counselor who understands the process of positive change, along with the correct mindset required to bring about positive change. And each audio has been professionally produced. The power of subliminal audios works by bypassing our conscious awareness and critical self. The exciting subliminal audios affirmations are deeply absorbed into the subconscious mind helping to create changes that you desire ~ positive lasting change from deep within.

All the subliminal audios affirmations have been deeply embedded into ambient music and have been designed to bypass the conscious mind and the conscious level of perception. The conscious mind is not aware of the subliminal audios suggestions, as they have been embedded behind the music out of conscious hearing range. However, the subliminal audios positive subliminal suggestions, and subliminal affirmations are perceived by the subconscious mind, as the subliminal information is sent directly to the subconscious mind. When used as a self improvement tool or for personal development, subliminal messages, affirmations and subliminal audios may be very useful and effective for those who have chose to use it as part of an overall self development program or personal improvement plan - providing' that there is a motivation and determination by the individual listener to bring about the desired change that they desire. As with any personal self development tool or self improvement program individual results may vary.

Subliminal program audios are very effective when one is feeling at ease, making evenings or early mornings a great time to use them; some prefer to listen to subliminal audios nightly whilst sleeping. Some people choose to listen to subliminal audio programs as background music, however do not listen to relaxing music when driving or when you require alertness.

Welcome To Brain Waves Technology

Brain Waves Technology a mind altering experience

Enhance your emotional, mental and physical well-being, Brainwaves Technology can guide your mind into gentle states of consciousness - from soothing relaxation, to deep meditation
and beyond.....

For more details click on the CD cover below.

Deep Healing Meditation Program Downloads.
This Audio System is designed to promote all the health benefits of the body's Natural Neuro-Chemicals.

This audio will help you reach deep states of consciousness ranging from alpha to delta. Deep Meditation MP3 Download

Healing Meditation Music Download MP3. Frequencies associated with Healing and Human Growth Hormone HGH & Ambient Soft Music

Extreme Weight Loss... Subliminal Weight Loss
System. Lose weight easily effortlessly with this program Download.
Unleash The Power of Your Brain ~ Enter the elusive theta state & expand your mind. Deep Meditation Download Program.

Extreme Creative Brain Power easily enter the elusive theta state & expand your creative mind.
Alpha Deep Relaxation Music. Be guided into serenity and rejuvenate all your senses with soothing  alpha waves.

Shift your Body and Mind into top gear with this powerful Neuro Psychoacoustics.... Stimulate your  HGH... 
The "Mr. Universe" of all products 

Sleep Baby Sleep music will get your baby to sleep with the sound of the Mothers Womb, White Noise & Ambient Soft Music to soothe baby.

Digital Sounds Meditation uses sophisticated digital sounds to gently guide the mind into Ultra Deep Meditation Audio.

Sleep Eazzzy ~ Easy
This audio uses state of the art sound technology to guide you into restful and regenerative sleep. The best Insomnia Sleep Music Download .

FREE MP3 Download
Subliminal Quit Smoking 
Subliminal Stop Smoking  help ease cravings and create a healthy mindset to break the pattern of addiction With This Free Subliminal Audio MP3 Download

Self confidence building CD Download, with powerful subliminal self esteem and confidence affirmations, one of the best subliminal self hypnosis to overcome low self confidence.Self confidence building CD Download, with powerful subliminal self esteem and confidence affirmations, one of the best subliminal self hypnosis to overcome low self confidence.

Self confidence & self esteem, Subliminal Audio Download Mp3. Overcome low self confidence and limitations.....

































































































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