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Sleep Music ♫ For Babies Sleeping Program CD ~ MP3 System

Snugly comforting baby sleep music to help baby sleep through the night

Sleep Baby Sleep System CD ~ MP3

The Sleep Baby Sleep CD ~ MP3 combines the natural soothing and calming sounds of the mother's womb and heart beat, a subtle and gentle white noise all blended perfectly with ambient peaceful music. 

This CD ~ MP3 helps to calm and comfort baby, the sounds of mother's womb and heartbeat provides a sense of comfort and security. And, white noise is renowned for its calming effect on both adults and children. 

This is often demonstrated when people fall asleep to the sound of a TV station when reception has stopped or the sound of a fan swirling in the background.

White noise is very effective in masking other background sounds that may disturb baby and it is effective in helping babies fall asleep. The Sleep Baby Sleep Training Music CD ~ MP3 helps to recreate the reassuring and comforting environment of the womb. Simply play on a low volume in the background. The Sleep Baby Sleep CD ~ MP3 uses authentic recordings of the womb, recreating baby's sense of comfort and security prior to birth. By simulating the sound of the womb and more specifically the womb environment, your baby experiences a sense of security and comfort. And, when he/she feels safe and secure baby will fall asleep easier, giving mom some much needed relief

Use as an aid to....

  • Soothe a tired & unsettled baby
  • Calm and soothe crying babies
  • Help ease a colicky baby
  • Help baby fall into a safe, natural sleep
  • For fussy babies
  • Baby Sleep Music
  • Ideal for sound masking
  • Aid Baby Sleep Problems
  • Help Baby Sleep Through The Night
It's well known that the sound of the womb has a dramatic calming effect on restless babies. The Sleep Baby Sleep Training Music CD or MP3 recreates the reassurance of mothers' womb, gently easing your baby into calm restful sleep. 

By recreating the sound of mummy's womb baby feels safe and secure and more likely to relax and sleep.

This audio is of superior quality and professionally engineered, replicating the womb environment and it is designed for optimum effectiveness.

Genre: Baby Sleep Music

DO NOT use ear buds or headphones on babies or children. Always keep speakers placed a safe distance out of children's reach. DO NOT place speakers in the child's cot, crib/bed. Children/babies may entangle themselves with speaker wire or other wires. Always keep stereos, speakers and their respective wires out of reach of children. The Sleep Baby Sleep audio for babies is only to be used in baby's room or nursery, on a low comfortable volume and never use in a moving vehicle. Do not use while driving or operating any type of machinery. Always use common sense.

Please note: There is no brain entrainment on this recording, brain entrainment is not recommended for children.

Here is a small Testimonial

Thank you so much for designing sleep baby sleep my son Pierre hasn't slept well for the past four days and always has been grumpy after playing sleep baby sleep he was back to his happy self he didn't sleep but at least he was calm and kept on laughing and smiling as you can see with picture I am sending you I recommend this MP3 to anyone I wish I had known about it when my son was new born in the special care unit because I believe it would have calmed my babies sleeping problem. so again a big thank you

Thank you.
David Gloux

David Gloux Son Pierre Gloux

For the full effect you need to purchase the 45Mim CD ~ MP3

Please Note: Prolonged crying should be treated by a qualified professional

CD Information

Technical Data

Channels:  2 Stereo
Format:  Audio 1 Track
Time:  45 Min

All prices are in $USD and includes FREE postage and handling.

In the unlikely event merchandise is damaged upon transit please return the item and we will gladly re-send you a replacement free of charge.

MP3 Information

High Quality MP3 ~ Our Product Disclosure.  

MP3 Technical Data

File Format: MP3
Channels: 2  Stereo16-bit 
Sample Rate: 44100Hz,
Bit Rate  256 Kbps
Listening Time: 45 Min

Download is available immediately after payment, you will receive an email with the link to the download.

The download time will vary depending on your connection speed. It is recommended that you have a broad-band connection.

Please listen to MP3 sample as we do not refund any downloadable files!


These audio recordings or any information provided on this site is not a replacement for medical diagnosis or treatment. This or any other self improvement product should not be relied upon for any medical conditions, either medical or mental, please seek appropriate medical care from your doctor or hospital.

End of Sleep Baby Sleep CD ~ MP3....

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