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PDF Brainwave Entrainment Research Papers 1900 ~ 2016

Public Domain Papers

  1. Irregular Speech Rate Dissociates Auditory Cortical Entrainment, Evoked Responses, and Frontal Alpha Stephanie J. Kayser, Robin A.A. Ince, Joachim Gross, and Christoph Kayser

  2. Respiratory Rhythm Entrainment by Somatic Afferent Stimulation By Jeffrey T. Potts, Ilya A. Rybak, and Julian F. R. Paton

  3. Fourteen-month-old infants use interpersonal synchrony as a cue to direct helpfulness By Laura K. Cirelli, Stephanie J. Wan and Laurel J. Trainor1

  4. Finding the beat: a neural perspective across humans and non-human primates By Hugo Merchant, Jessica Grahn, Laurel Trainor, Martin Rohrmeier, and W. Tecumseh Fitch

  5. Modeling GABA Alterations in Schizophrenia: A Link Between Impaired Inhibition and Altered Gamma and Beta Range Auditory Entrainment By Dorea Vierling-Claassen, Peter Siekmeier, Steven Stufflebeam, and Nancy Kopell

  6. Accelerated Learning by College Students Through Audio-Visual Entrainment Technology By Allan Emmanuel Yawo Atsu

  7. A Pilot Investigation of Auditory and Visual Entrainment of Brain Wave Activity in Learning Disabled Boys By John L. Carter and Harold L. Russell

  8. The effect of auditory entrainment on the allocation of Visual attention
    Jared Edward Miller

  9. Rhythmic Auditory-Motor Entrainment Of Gait Patterns In Adults With Blindness Or Severe Visual Impairment Della Molloy-Daugherty

  10. Acoustic-Prosodic Entrainment and Social Behavior By Rivka Levitan1, Agustın Gravano, Laura Willson, ˘tefan Benus, Julia Hirschberg, and Ani Nenkova

  11. Audio-Visual Entrainment Influence on Postural Dynamics By Zlatogor Mincheva, Emil Kelevedjievb and Plamen Gatevc

  12. The Effect of Auditory Stimulus Complexity on Rhythmic Motor Entrainment in Elderly Persons with Cognitive Impairment By Emily Anne Dugas Lambert

  13. The Effect Of Music Entrainment On Respiration Of Patients On Mechanical Ventilation In The Intensive Care Unit By Sondra D. Phillips

  14. Entrainment and its perturbation in the auditory cortex of the rat: phase and frequency modulations By Anu Karvonen

PDF Brainwave Entrainment Research Papers 1900 ~ 2016

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Brain Waves Technology
Brain Waves Technology

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