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Neuro Lab

Binaural Beats, Brain Entrainment Benefits

Beneficial Hormones 
Delta waves are associated to Human Growth Hormone (HGH), which is produced by the pituitary gland and may play a role in anti-aging, and is important for day to day regeneration.

DHEA is produced by the adrenal glands. DHEA lessons the stress effect on the body. Reduces the effect of stress related hormones, including cortisol and may play a role in anti-aging and enhances neural connection's and immune function.

Neurological Benefits:
Research is now showing the many benefits of deep relaxation asin meditation. Profound consciousness states that produce & provide healthy balance of beneficial neuro chemicals ~ neurotransmitters, along with providing an overall feeling of wellbeing - creating remarkable positive mental health. Some of the many benefits associated to deeper states are the ability to think clearly, regulate emotions, control mood swings, focus and sustain your attention, increase awareness and manage stress. Research shows a stronger immune system (less sickness) and recorded higher activation in parts of the brain associated with positive mood.

Acetylcholine supports perception and cognition, memory, motivation 

Dopamine regulates muscle control and balance, assists cognition; also linked with pleasurable feelings 

Endorphins - - pain relief. Endogenous Morphine, is the body's natural pain reliever

Gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA) induces sleep and relaxation

Melatonin regulate sleep patterns, creates deep restful sleep

Serotonin -5-HT regulates, sleep, appetite, mood & behaviour

Lasting Long-term Benefits

  • Stress Resilience
  • Revitalized Energy
  • Enhance Positive Wellbeing
  • Balance Brain Hemispheres
  • Healthy Neuro Chemical Balance
  • Regain Restorative Sleep patterns
  • Improved Emotional Balance
  • Optimistic Mental Health
  • Increase Self Esteem
  • Strengthens and Supports the Immune System

Short-term Benefits

  • Strengthen and Support the Immune System
  • Improve Focus and Concentration
  • Pain Relief
  • Lower stress levels
  • Lower Blood Pressure
  • Composed Emotions
  • Improved Sleep
  • Access Deep Meditative States
  • Access Effortless Relaxation
  • Increased Feelings of Well-being 

Brain and Frequencies 

The brain is comprised of approximately 10 billion neurons. The neurons communicate with each other by way of electrical impulses. These electrical signals can be seen in the form of brainwaves, A brainwave is measured in cycles per second or hertz. The big 4 brainwaves are Beta, Alpha, Theta and Delta. And, their respective frequencies are 27Hz ~ 13Hz, 13Hz ~ 7Hz, 7Hz ~ 4Hz, 4HZ ~ 0.2Hz. Brainwaves are completely natural to the brain, EEGs show that brainwave states naturally occur from both internal and external stimulus. For example, when eyes are closed more Alpha activity occurs, when in a deep sleep there is a natural occurrence of the Delta frequency. 

Sonic Brainwave Entrainment - Neural Synchronization How It Works
Binaural Beats

The methodology behind Sonic Brainwave Entrainment is using sound specifically to synchronize brainwaves with a particular frequency. Binaural beats are precise frequencies and when listened to through headphones, guides the brain into the desired frequency such as relaxation or deep meditation.

Binaural beats are created when two auditory pulses (sounds), which have a slightly different frequency, are presented to each ear with the use of headphones, the brain then tunes into a rhythmic phantom beat which is not audible. For example, the left headphone plays a tone of 500 Hz , the right plays a tone of 510 Hz. By combining them both together the brain will perceive the difference which is a tone or rather a standing wave of 10 Hz. It is this phantom beat which is the binaural or auditory beat. The brain becomes entrained to the frequency which is the difference between the two tones. This phenomenon is known as the Frequency-Following Response or (FFR). The superior olivary nucleus, or put simply the brain stem, processes the Frequency Following Response. The nuclei receive the signals from the ears, the information is processed and then sent onto the reticular formation which uses neurotransmitters and initiates changes in the cortex and thalamus. Brainwave activity is changed to the desired beneficial frequency. Brainwave synchronization by means of binaural beats synchronizes both hemispheres of the brain.

Binaural beats will entrain the left and right hemispheres to the same frequency. It is when the two hemispheres work jointly to calculate the binaural beats, that the brain creates more balanced brainwaves or rather balanced brainwave activity. This is termed 'whole brain functioning' also known as 'hemispheric synchronization'. This helps in not only maintaining brain plasticity, but rather in keeping the connections between the regions of the brain active.

By stimulating the brain with specific frequencies, there is an increase in cerebral blood flow along with the production of neurotransmitters, new and constructive neural pathways are formed as there is a growth of dendrites.

Delta brain wave frequencies (4HZ ~ 0.2Hz) of brainwave activity is most commonly associated with the sleep state. Delta waves will trigger the release of growth hormone, which is important for regeneration and healing.

The Theta brainwave frequencies (7Hz ~ 4Hz) of brainwave activity, generally are associated with deep meditation as well as deep relaxation. It is also linked with increased memory, learning and burst of creative insight.

Alpha frequencies brainwave (7-13 Hz.) are more commonly associated with light relaxation, meditation, along with super learning.

The Beta brain wave frequency of brainwave activity (27Hz ~ 13Hz) in general is associated to the normal everyday awake state of alertness.

Gamma brainwave frequencies (Higher than > 27Hz) in general has been associated to tension and anxiety, physical demanding tasks and hyperactivity.

Benefits of Binaural Beats & Brainwave Entrainment

  • Reduce Stress Levels
  • Strengthen and Support the Immune System
  • Enhance Creative Flow
  • Enter Peak Experiences
  • Enhance Positive Wellbeing
  • Access Deep Meditative States
  • Heightened Perception/Intuition
  • Produce Whole Brain Synchronization
  • Improve Focus and Concentration
  • Improve Creativity
  • Improve Memory
  • Improve Learning
  • Self Awareness
  • Inner Peace
  • Improve Sleep

The chart below shows an overview of brain frequencies and consciousness levels of the brain.

Brain Wave Frequency Chart

Conscious state of mind GAMMA

Higher then > 27Hz


Hyper Physical State

Anxiety, Hyperactivity, Tension and Physical demanding tasks.


27Hz ~ 13Hz

Normal Physical State

Active thought logic problem solving state such as math.
Altered state of consciousness  




13Hz ~ 7Hz


Relaxation State

Relaxing but alert. Thinking quietly while eyes are closed.

Drowsiness ~ Pre sleep and waking up

7Hz ~ 4Hz

Deep Relaxation State

As one experiences while falling to sleep or just waking up.

While sleeping dreaming (REM), Meditation state of extended consciousness.

4HZ ~ 0.2Hz 




Deep Sleep State

This state stimulates hormone production strengthens the immune system & heals the body.



Pulsed sound within the structure of musical rhythms has been entraining people's brains for many thousands of years.

Since ancient time's, shamans and holy men alike have been entraining and influencing their brains, by methods using mantras or music, such as drum beats. By repetitively using the same sound, brain rhythms synchronize. Brain entraining has been used in tribal rituals to induce meditation/relaxation like states, by methods of drums beats. What happens is the brain entrains with the frequency of the drum beat. Altering natural brainwave frequencies has been practiced for thousand of years, ancient cultures used chanting, drum beats or staring at fire to entrain their brains.



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Herbert Benson, M.D. (Founder of the Mind/Body Medical Institute). Associate Professor of Medicine Harvard and a leading authority on the "Relaxation Response". Showed that meditation normalizes blood pressure, pulse rate, and also, it elicits changes in brain wave patterns, there is less excitability. Meditation may also improve the white blood cell response (immune) and hormone response.


Do not drive a vehicle or operate machinery or do any activity that requires alertness, while listening to meditation CD's or recordings that contain binaural beats. Not recommended for epileptics or anyone who is susceptible to seizures. Do not use if you have any other medical/mental conditions that may be affected by brain stimulation.















































































































































































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