The Most Advanced Multi Level Meditation System By Brain Waves Technology

Meditation Program CD MP3 Download

Alpha, Theta and delta waves, deep and profound meditation download program. A brain wave audio guided meditation

The Most Advanced Deep Meditation

This Multi Level Meditation Program uses
Whole brain Synchronization: meditation is known to promote highly beneficial neurochemicals

This 4 track multi level deep meditation program with precise brain entraining frequencies is ideal for the novice meditation beginner to the more expertly advanced meditator. Making it ideal for those who want to experience a variety of beneficial meditation states, from restful relaxation to deep meditation and who want good value for money. Using, clinically proven therapeutic brain wave technology,

this profound deep meditation program infused with precision brain wave guidance frequencies gently helps train the mind, assisting you to meditate easier and supports you to explore and experience a range of beneficial consciousness states, helping you to maximize your meditative experience and expand consciousness. These are profound meditation downloads and one is likely to experience a deep depth of meditation and relaxation. The frequencies on these quality audio recordings will gently and effortlessly guide brain waves, moving them into expanded, deeper and profound states of consciousness. A great aid to help with relaxing easier, meditate deeper, improve sleep and support overall positive mental health.

In just a few weeks of repeated listening to these highly effective frequencies in the alpha, theta and delta range, the hemispheres will become much more synchronized. Synchronizing both halves of the brain is the optimal condition for what is referred to as "Peak States". As positive synchronization and healthy pathways develop, the brain learns to function optimally and overall well being, increased positive energy, personal and higher awareness and insights will often follow.

Audio guided meditation using precision frequencies brain entrainment

Explore profound positive states & create inner tranquility the ultimate gateway to Nirvana.

This brainwave frequency audio guidance meditation program helps to gently lead brainwaves down into the tranquil and deeply relaxing frequency of alpha, then moving beyond into the deeper meditative theta state and into one of the very deepest delta levels of meditation.

The ultimate in brain wave meditation, the Multi Level Meditation Program gently and effectively generates Alpha, Theta and Delta waves. Entraining the brain to these frequencies and synchronizing both the left and right hemispheres will help you to experience deep meditation states, ultra relaxation and explore new, deeper depths. Reaching deep levels of meditation may be hard to attain without continued regular practice and focus. Yet, with this meditation program your brain waves move in sync with the frequencies helping to take you further quicker and easier.This helps you experience profoundly deep meditative states. All you need is a comfortable stereo headphone set and a quiet place to relax.

As there is no voice instruction specific to any subject, it makes it easy to simply relax, release and let go! With this meditation download program, over four weeks explore the many benefits of deeper relaxation, meditation and deep rest.

Begin your personal exploration of expanded states of consciousness. Explore the benefits of Alpha, Theta and Delta waves in the one meditation download program. Explore deeper levels of relaxation and meditation, associated to intuition development, enriched creativity, along with overall wellbeing.

The Alpha Experience

Alpha Wave Meditation: Alpha is the gateway to meditation ~ experience deep relaxation with gentle Alpha waves and effortlessly relieve stress, lower damaging cortisol levels and help ease general mental anxiety and worry. Alpha waves and relaxation may help to boost the immune system and mood, improve sleep and is associated to the production of serotonin and has a positive effect on well being. Lowering cortisol levels increases DHEA associated to anti-aging, known to slow the aging process. Alpha is also linked to creativity and "super learning."

Explore and use as an aid,
  • Inner peace

  • Greater creativity

  • Clarity

  • Increase feelings of well-being

  • Immune and general mood booster

  • Improve stress resilience, relax easier

  • Develop or improve meditation skills

  • Create hemispheric synchronization

Alpha relaxation, light meditation, brain entrainment audio guided meditation

Alpha waves linked to improve focus, super learning, stress resilience, creativity, visualization

The Theta Experience

Theta Wave Meditation: Awaken your creative and intuitive centers and tap into the inner guidance within you. Activate those greater insights and creative energies that are hidden deep within.
Theta is a deeper meditation, where flashes of enlightenment may be experienced. Furthermore, access to profound inspirations and creative insights and ideas often arise from deep within.

In theta, be transported to a realm of deep meditative expanded awareness, where access to inspiration, deep inner reflection and positive transformation, often flows. Go within and experience a profoundly deep meditation with theta waves, enhancing your own inner guidance, inspiration and creativity to spring forth. Theta meditation is a deeply profound meditative state, a state that naturally makes one feel better and helps relieve pain and stress. Theta waves are associated with enhanced problem solving, memory and learning, information consolidated into long term memory, burst of creative insights and intuition and calming endorphins.

Explore and use as an aid,

  • Greater creative insights

  • Spiritual and personal growth

  • Expanded awareness

  • Inner guidance

  • Ease mental fatigue, gain clarity of thought

  • Heightened perception, intuition

  • Immune support

  • Meditate deeper, create hemispheric synchronization.

Theta brain waves linked to deep meditation, insights, intuition, creative flow, memory, deep learning

The Delta Experience

Delta Wave Meditation: ideal for a deep healing meditation

Guiding brain waves to deep delta are associated to some of the deepest meditations. Delta waves are beneficial for healing on the deepest of levels, as delta is associated with healing hormones helping to maximize the body's own innate healing abilities. Delta waves gently assist the listener to reach a very deep and regenerative and restorative meditation state, relieving stress and tension. Alternatively, use the waves of Delta as a sleep aid, listen to help lead the drift into sleep. The gentle waves of Delta may help regain sleep patterns for natural deep sleep, where the deepest of healing and regeneration naturally occurs.

Explore and use as an aid to,

  • Deepen spiritual connection

  • Deepen self awareness

  • Create hemispheric synchronization

  • Regeneration and healing on a deep level

  • Deepen meditation, relaxation, rest

  • Regain healthy sleep patterns

Delta waves linked to regeneration, healing, sleep, oneness or connectness

Helps guide you into states of deep relaxation that affords one the greatest environment for the mind and body to regenerate and heal its self.

Boost the body's innate restorative & healing abilities, explore deep meditations, become centered and feel the positive energy, as you immerse your mind, body and spirit in the resonance of therapeutic brainwave frequencies.

Relieve excess tension and stress and restore balance. Meditation and the sound waves used are associated to:

Acetylcholine supports perception and cognition, memory, motivation

Endorphins linked to pain relief, elevates ones mood and naturally makes you feel better

DHEA , anti-aging, known to slow the aging process, enhances immune function, lowers cortisol, enhances healthy neural connections

Human Growth Hormone, may play a role in anti-aging and is important for day to day regeneration.

Melatonin, regulate sleep patterns, creates deep restful sleep

Serotonin, increases relaxation and eases pain, mood booster and has an overall positive effect on wellbeing,

Reach a deep relaxation or meditation state, which assists with pain relief

Boost overall mental performance

Hemispheric synchronization

Keeps the brain healthy, by creating whole brain functioning

Audio 1 ~ Week one, Meditation download MP3 or CD, music with Alpha waves: Featuring 30 minutes of ambient relaxation music, teamed with nature sounds and specific brainwave frequencies to reduce stress and tension, creating deep inner peace and deep relaxation and enhancing overall feelings of well-being. Designed, to assist the listener to reach a deep state of relaxation.

Audio 2 ~ Week two, Meditation MP3 or CD, meditation music with Alpha and Theta waves: Featuring 30 minutes of ambient music and nature sounds, teamed with soothing Alpha and Theta waves to gently facilitate a deeply tranquil and relaxing state. Designed to assist the listener to reach a deep meditative state, helping to maximize your meditative experience and may help you to access higher levels of creativity and explore and expand awareness.

Audio 3 ~ Week three, Meditation MP3 or CD, meditation music with Theta waves: A deeply relaxing audio designed to help you enter the Theta state of consciousness, assisting you to go within and maximize your meditative experience and inward journey. Be transported to a realm of deep Theta meditative expanded awareness, ideal for inner reflection and contemplation, with access to greater insights, inspirations, ideal for transformation. Theta waves are blended into ambient music, along with subtle nature sounds. Designed, to assist the listener to obtain clarity of thought, inspiration and expanded awareness~ encouraging your own inspiration and creativity to spring forth from deep within.

Audio 4 ~ Week four, Meditation MP3 downloads or CD, meditation music with Delta waves: Featuring 30 minutes of calming ambient music, teamed with nature sounds and precision brainwave frequencies to gently guide the mind from the faster waves of beta into the highly relaxing and restorative waves of deep Delta. Experience an extreme deep level of relaxation and a very deep meditation with soothing waves of Delta. Delta waves will help induce a deeply relaxing state, also favorable for deep restorative and restful sleep.

Powerful brainwave sound waves help to lead your mind into incredibly deep meditation states. Research shows that the practice of deep relaxation in general, is very beneficial to relieving stress, improved immune function, lower heart rate, blood pressure and cortisol levels, helps with pain management, improve sleep patterns, increased productivity and energy, decreasing anxiety levels and skeletal tension.

Transport your mind to another place, a place of deep inner calm, quiet serenity and deep depths of peace. In deep relaxation states the mind and body can become centered, regenerated, restored and recharged, bringing back balance from busy and hectic lifestyles. Feel a refreshing letting go and releasing of stress, anxiety and tension and begin to experience a deep sense of well being. As you listen and immerse your mind, body and soul with the precise sound wave frequencies, you can feel yourself becoming more physically and mentally calm and centered, helping you to relax easier, to meditate deeper~helping to promote overall positive well being and mental health.

This amazing Neuro technology has been professionally developed to assist your meditative experience and co created by a professionally trained counselor who has an interest in human consciousness, considers the exploration of spirit and soul in the search for meaning and is an experienced meditator with over 20 years of meditation experience.

These meditation audios CDs Mp3 downloads are of superior quality and have been professionally engineered to help guide the brainwaves into deep states. It is designed for optimum effectiveness, using powerful brain entrainment techniques and using the vibrational frequencies of Alpha, Theta & Delta

Meditation Program ~ The Most Advanced Multi Level System See chart below. (Brain Frequency Response)
Brainwave Chart

The audio samples are to short to enter a brainwave state for the full effect you need to purchase the Multi Level Meditation System.

Please listen to audio samples before you buy!

Caution: Do not listen to this audio or the CD if you have epilepsy, seizures or any other medical conditions that may be affected by brainwaves and/or brain synchronization. Not to be used while driving or operating equipment

Please listen to MP3 sample as we do not refund any downloadable files!

Please Note: the music used in audios 2 & 4 is the same however the Brain Entrainment is not, as it uses different frequencies of sound & different sound effects....

The samples are too short to enter a brain wave state.

Sample Quality Only ~ The actual MP3 download quality is much better...

Audio 1 of 4 ~ Alpha

Audio 2 of 4 ~ Alpha, Theta

Audio 3 of 4 ~ Theta

Audio 4 of 4 ~ Delta

All prices are in $USD and includes FREE postage and handling world wide.

FREE Shipping World Wide.

In the unlikely event merchandise is damaged upon transit please return the item and we will gladly re-send you a replacement free of charge.

Here is a small Testimonial

The Advanced Multi Level Meditation Program has given me so much inner peace and more alertness as well as better sleeping habits and I just started the training! Please, please, please, do not purchase your Brainwave sound healing products anywhere else. Brain Waves Technology is THE only source!

Your subliminals and Brainwave entrainments are simply THE BEST I have ever used. The Subliminal Weight Loss MP3 has done wonders for me. I am a mother of 3 small children and it has given me energy, vitality and I have lost weight, in just one week!

Blessings, Debbie

Debbie mother of 3 small children

What differentiates Brain Waves Technology from other brands?

What really differentiates our products from others is the quality, as well as the research used to formulate the product.

Our goal is simple, to help you find the path to joy and well-being.

CD Information

CD Cases Not Included in the MP3 Download
CD Cases Not Included in the MP3 Download

Actual CDs Not Included in the Download
Actual CDs Not Included in the MP3 Download

The multi level mediation system consists of four (4) CDs the technical data for each CD is listed below...

CD Information

CD Technical Data

Fast Free Shipping

Channels: 2 Stereo
Format: Audio 1 Track



30 Min



MP3 Information

High Quality MP3 ~ Our Product Disclosure.

The multi level mediation system consists of four (4) MP3s the technical data for each MP3 is listed below...

MP3 Technical Data

Fast Instant Download


File Format: MP3
Channels: 2 Stereo 16-bit
Sample Rate: 44100Hz,
Bit Rate: 256 Kbps
Listening Time:

30 Min

Download is available immediately after payment, you will receive an email with the link to the download.

Note: The Download link is sent to the eMail you have given PayPal! Please make sure that your details are up to date, if you already have a PayPal account...

The download time will vary depending on your connection speed. It is recommended that you have a broad-band connection as there are two ZIP Files, each file size is approximately 105 MB.

These audio recordings or any information provided on this site is not a replacement for medical diagnosis or treatment. This or any other self improvement product should not be relied upon for any medical conditions, either medical or mental, please seek appropriate medical care from your doctor or hospital.

End of Multi Level Meditation Program CD ~ MP3....

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