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Common Questions

Can Anyone use Brain Wave Technology audio products?

It is NOT recommended that you use our products if you have a predisposition to epilepsy, seizures, fits or neurological conditions or any other condition medical or mental, that may be affected by binaural beats brain entrainment, if unsure seek medical advice first.

It is recommended that children under 18 years of age do NOT use any binaural brain entrainment products, unless advised by a qualified medical professional.

Brain entrainment is very safe and beneficial for most people (see above), over the several decades, hundred of thousands have used and listened to entrainment safely.

Can you use the CDs while driving?

No do not use while driving or in activity that requires your alertness or concentration.
Any CD that has a frequency less then 13Hz (cycles per second) or any sound tempo that is 
less < 60 then beats per minute should NOT be used while driving or operating any equipment. This applies to all audio tempos not just ours.

Members Area. Terms of Service (TOS)

If your wish to access our free Meditation or Ambient easy listening Podcasts FREE eBooks, mp3 files you will need to join, it's totally free!

We will never disclose any of your information to anyone.

  • You agree that we reserve the right to eMail you monthly newsletters and/or promotional Product Specials

  • You agree that we reserve the right to send you eMails from time to time.

  • If you wish to unsubscribe you will lose all you membership privileges.

  • Abuse of downloading files will result in instant suspension of your account.

  • We reserve the right to close and/or suspend any account at our discretions without any reason or explanation given to the account holder.

Technical Questions

Do you need head phones to listen to our audio CDs or audio files?

With some of our audios it is recommended that you use head phones to experience their full potential, please read each individual audio for specifications.

What head phones are best to listen to the CDs with?

Most head phones are adequate however our audios engineers choices are the

  1. Sure SE530 Sound Isolating Earphones. 
    Classification: Earphones. 
    Price about: $550USD

  2. Bose In-Ear Headphones. 
    Classification: Earphones.
    Price about: $100USD

  3. Sennheiser HD 555 Headphones 
    Classification: Headphones.
    Price about: $180USD

What ever your choice is make sure they feel comfortable!

WARNING: Prolonged sound exposure of 70 dB or higher can cause permanent
                 hearing loss.

Downloading MP3 files in ZIP format

You will need a zip extraction program to unzip the files.

If you are unfamiliar with ZIP files please find someone that is. As we are selling a ZIP file that contains 2 files an MP3 and a PDF file within the ZIP file.

We are very sorry but we do not have the time to teach people about file extensions and file handlers.

If you have trouble understanding the above please find someone that does.

You will also need Adobe PDF reader to read the PDF file that is in the ZIP file.

The download link will be sent to the email address you have given PayPal....

Please make sure that the email you have given PayPal is up-to-date and you can receive emails....

We are not responsible if your email bounces and is not up-to-date....Our system sends the download link to your PayPal email......

After you have paid for your item Please check you're PayPal email for the download link.

Check the spam folder in your email account or your email program as we get emails from time to time asking why the download link was not received, only to find that the download link is in their spam box.

When you download a file we log all server activity including and not limited to the following!

System Download Notification.

Order Number : 91D197700JXXXXXXX
Item Number : MP3-BRS
Description : Brain Storm Meditation CD in MP3
Filename :
Download time : 01 Jun 2009 12:09:07
Expiry time : 02 Jun 2009 12:01:18
User agent : Mozilla/5.0 (Macintosh; U; Intel Mac OS X 10_5_5; en-us) AppleWebKit/525.18 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/3.1.2 Safari/525.20.1 

You are permitted 1 download per purchase. sharing download links is strictly prohibited uploading to files to another servers is also strictly prohibited. 

Sharing files via pear-to-pear networking or any illegal distribution and or replication of sounds, digital CDs and/or any part of this site will be vigorously pursued thru the justice system.  

All files are protected by Copyright © Law please see our legal notice....

24 Hour Download Window

You have 24 hours to download your file.

Why does the link to the download only lasts for 24 hours?

This is to prevent fraud piracy breaches and excessive bandwidth abuse as links are often forwarded to multiple emails, in addition published on social media sites.

Our audios are not small like many others due to the high quality of the audio files.

Losing your files after the transaction is completed.

Ask your self this question if you brought a tangible item at a retail store and lost it would you go back to the retailer and blame them and demand they replace the item for eternity.

Please back up your files as losing them falls outside of purchasing terms and agreement.

It is the sole responsibility for you to take care of the downloaded goods as is with all of your goods.

Downloading Difficulties and/or Delays

Instant downloads have a 99.9% guarantee, However there is a minuscule chance of a delay depending on other variables beyond our direct control, such as PayPal sending us a confirmation of payment, POP servers accepting the incoming eMail with (Download Link), SMPT server sending eMail with (Download Link), and other server down times including external and/or internal.

In the unlikely event you have trouble downloading your file, please contact us immediately and we will endeavor to attend to any problems as soon as possible.

If you're experiencing problems with your downloads please Contact Us Using This Form

Download Times.

The download time will vary depending on your connection speed. It is recommended that you have a broad-band connection.

The MP3 Files are in ZIP & Approximately  80 MB in size
Connection Speed  Approximate Downloading Time
256 Kbps 38 min 30 Sec
512 Kbps 19 Min 15 Sec
1.024 Mbps 10 Min 37 Sec
1.544 Mbps  6 Min 23 Sec

Binaural Beats, Brain Entrainment, Listening Times & Duration

How often and for how long should you listen to our audios?

It is recommended that you use only one CD or Audio program at a time before moving onto another audio program, in order to gain the full benefits of each CD. Note: It is not necessary to listen to each and every CD they are designed to be beneficial individually.

It is not recommended to exceed listening times!

Listen once a day to the duration of the main track for four to six weeks.

It is recommended that you listen up to once per day, to the duration of the main track, preferably at a time that you can close your eyes and deeply relax and not be disturbed, such as in the evenings or at night around bedtime for a period of 4 to 6 weeks. Then listen occasionally from time to time. Busy people may find it difficult to find the time to listen daily; listening two to three times a week for 4 to 6 weeks is also beneficial. Then listen occasionally from time to time. 

To gain the full benefit use one CD at a time until you feel you have gained the full benefits for a period up to four to six weeks. Then break for a month before moving onto the next audio program. 
Listen at a comfortable low volume.

Brain entrainment is a wonderful tool that only requires around 30 to  60 minutes per day, for a period of around 4 to 6 weeks to experience the audio's many benefits. Do not exceed listening times, listening for long periods or hours on end will not increase effectiveness or help you to achieve desired goals or outcomes sooner. It is the users responsibility to always use sensibly.

Ensure that the audio program that you choose to listen to, fits in with your daily activities. Depending on your lifestyle beta programs may be better for mornings and meditation audios are better suited for when you have the time to deeply relax, such as evenings and delta sleep audios nightly around bedtime. These audios are meditation and relaxation aids and therefore will assist the meditation or relaxation process, do not listen excessively.

In order to obtain each audio programs full benefit it is not recommended to combine brain entrainment audio programs. 

Meditation is a subjective experience and therfore a unique personal journey.Experiment as to which binaural brain entrainment audio program works best for you, the preferred time of day to use and fits in with your personal lifestyle.

Subliminal only audios can be used at any time during day or night, for four to six weeks. However, please read individual product specifications as they may NOT be suited for driving and or operating equipment.

Product Warranty

Whilst, all reasonable care is taken in our audios, this does not give a guarantee that the services provided meet your requirements or be successful in outcome, as individual results may vary form person to person.

Whilst reasonable care is taken, Brain Waves Technology and the use of its audios is at the clients own risk, meaning that you as the user agrees that it is at your own risk. The user of any Brain Waves Technology product assumes all risks in using, waiving all and any claims against Brain Waves Technology and its affiliates for any physical or mental injuries/damages. Brain Waves Technology or its audios are not responsible in anyway whatsoever for any experience, decision, action or inaction, made by you as a consequence this is solely your responsibility. No legal action or personal indemnity whatsoever can be forthcoming from individuals, or companies, or entities, or be held liable for accidental, direct or indirect damages, chance, resulting from use, misuse or, instructions or defect of its product(s).

Refund Policy (CDs)

PLEASE NOTE: NO Refunds are issued once the order has been shipped or posted. The time that you have to claim for a refund is very limited and at our discretion, as we make every effort to ship orders as soon as possible (ASAP). Once your order is shipped or posted you CANNOT claim for any refund, as at this point all sales are considered to be final.

Only if we have NOT shipped or posted your order and for some reason you change your mind and ask for a refund, you will be charged an Administration fee of $5.00USD. Please listen to the sample audio and read the product description before you buy anything.

Return Policy (CDs)

In the unlikely event a CD or Merchandise is damaged upon transit please return the item and we will gladly re-send you a replacement free of charge! You will need to pay for for the postage of the item to us.

Our Return Address

Return Address

Our Digital Delivery Policy - ALL SALES ARE FINAL

ALL SALES ARE FINAL - No Returns or Refunds are accepted on Digital Delivery items.

If you can not download the item we will physically ship it to you on a CD free of charge.

Please Note: The CD does not have fancy packaging it is just the MP3 file burnt onto CD-R disc.

Please listen to the audio sample before you buy it, as we do not offer refunds on the basis that audios can be easily copied, also see our Legal Notice Also see Problems Downloading

Usage Disclaimer

Do not use if you have a predisposition to epilepsy or seizures. Do not use whilst driving, operating equipment or in any activity that requires your alertness or concentration. If you have a medical condition please check with your doctor before using any Brain Waves Technology product. In the unlikely event any uncomfortable feelings arise immediately discontinue use and immediately see a doctor. Individual results may vary

General Disclaimer - Please read carefully

Whilst reasonable care is taken, Brain Waves Technology and the use of its audios is at the clients own risk, meaning that you as the user agrees that it is at your own risk. Brain Waves Technology is not responsible for technical problems on the internet, messages accidentally lost or misdirected, Internet service providers downtime, or communications intercepted by a third party or hackers. Brain Waves Technology is not responsible for any information that may not be accurate or given to Brain Waves Technology by the user, thereby preventing Brain Waves Technology from giving the user utmost effectiveness. Whilst, reasonable care is taken, in our audios this does not give a guarantee that the services provided meet your requirements, be error free or be successful in outcome. Brain Waves Technology is not intended to offer crisis intervention or in-depth psychotherapy. Brain Waves Technology or its audios are not responsible in anyway whatsoever for any decision, action or inaction made by you as a consequence this is solely your responsibility. No legal action or personal indemnity whatsoever can be forthcoming from individuals, including but not exclusive to Australia, USA, Canada, UK.

Brain Waves Technology Audio Products are NOT intended as a diagnosis, replacement or treatment of any medical condition, including mental and/or physical. Seek appropriate care from your medical doctor or hospital.

By purchasing any CD or downloading any digital product, and/or listening to any of our products (Audios)

You agree to the above terms and conditions furthermore you forfeit any legal rights to any country state or territory..





















































































































































































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