Bubbling Brook Deep Meditation CD MP3 Download

Bubbling Brook Deep Meditation CD ~ MP3

Explore deep levels of meditation and maximise your meditation journey

Bubbling Brook Deep Meditation CD ~ MP3


Transform Your Mind to New Levels!

Shift your mind into top gear with this powerful brain wave technology meditation audio.

By simply listening to this powerful meditation audio, within minutes your mind will begin to wind down and move into a higher state of consciousness.

It takes many years of practice to reach this level of consciousness, such as monks that achieve altered states of consciousness after many years of disciplined practice ~ yet with this powerful audio it begins to slow your brain

waves in minutes. Why spend hundreds of dollars on expensive programs or endless hours trying to get your brain into a meditative state when you can assist the process by simply listening and letting the frequencies guide you into the desired state. 

Powerful brainwave frequencies helps guide the mind into incredibly deep meditation states.

Delve into the depths of consciousness and discover a whole new deeper level of meditation ~ the bubbling brook is very powerful and transformational and is designed to enhance your meditative experience

By using this scientifically developed audio technology, it will help you to quickly and easily induce your brain waves to enter into higher states of consciousness. By listening to this amazing Brain Waves Technology for several minutes, your brainwaves become synchronized to the frequencies, employing the frequency following response (FFR) phenomena, to facilitate attainment of desired states of consciousness. The frequencies are superimposed on relaxing ambient nature sounds. 

DEEP MEDITATION  - Connect to Consciousness

This meditation gently guides your brainwaves down from those quicker waves of beta into the tranquil and deeply relaxing frequency of alpha, then into deep meditative theta and into one of the deepest delta levels of meditation, this helps you experience a profoundly deep meditative mind state. 

The ultimate in brain wave meditation, the Bubbling Brook meditation audio generates Alpha, Theta and Delta waves, entraining the brain to these frequencies and synchronizing both the left and right hemispheres, will help you to experience very deep meditative states, ultra relaxation and explore new, deeper depths. This level of meditation is a deep level that can be hard to achieve without practice and focus - with this audio your brain waves become in sync with the frequencies helping to take you deeper quickly and easily

Obtaining deeper levels with traditional meditation techniques may take many months or even years of strict self disciplined practice and many give up the practice before they really get started. Yet with this audio your brain waves will tune into the frequencies, which helps guide the mind to go deeper and deeper, maximizing your meditative journey.

Use as an aid to: 

  • Deepen meditation, contemplation
  • Intensify spiritual practice
  • Spiritual growth
  • Ideal for inner work
  • Explore & expand your consciousness 
  • Deepen self awareness
  • Trance work
  • Transformation
  • Discover inner peace, intense relaxation and much more.

This audio is very powerful and you are likely to experience a deep depth of meditation and relaxation. The frequencies superimposed on this quality audio recording will slow down your brain waves moving them into expanded, deeper and profound states of consciousness.

This audio is of superior quality and professionally engineered to help guide your brain into profound meditation. It is designed for optimum effectiveness, Using powerful brain entrainment techniques and using the vibrational frequencies of Alpha, Theta and Delta. 

This audio  helps to relieve stress - in minutes you will be feeling relaxed, rejuvenated and calm. As your stress melts away you will begin to feel transformed into a serene, relaxed and deep meditative state of mind. It has no voice instructions specific to any subject, so it can be used for meditating deeply, visualization, or just relaxing. It's also great for those sleepless nights, as it calms your mind, helping to reduce mental chatter. It features a bubbling brook and all natural wild life sounds.

Overview of Frequency Range used in this Powerful Meditation Audio

Alpha ~ Linked to relaxation, stress reduction, super learning, visualization, creativity 

Theta ~ Linked to deep meditation, intuition, deep relaxation, calming endorphins, increased memory and bursts of creative insight.

Delta ~ Linked to Deep Sleep, detached awareness, Regeneration, healing.


Neuro Activity at Different Stages of Consciousness

All you need is a stereo headphone set and a quiet place to relax and in minutes you will begin to feel transformed into a peaceful,  relaxed, meditative state of mind 

Discover how to slow down and enjoy the benefits of meditation today!

The positive effect may continue after use, helping you to master your mind. This powerful professionally developed technology with practice may help you overtime to enter the meditation state at will, without use of CD.

The sample is too short to gain the full effect and is sample quality only.

For the full effect you need to purchase the 45Min CD or MP3

Please Note: Prolonged stress should be treated by a qualified professional.

Caution: Do not listen to this audio or the CD if you have epilepsy, seizures or any other medical conditions that may be affected by brainwaves and/or brain synchronization. Not to be used while driving or operating equipment


CD Information

CD Technical Data

File Format: Audio 1 Track
Channels: 2 Stereo
Time: 45 Min

In the unlikely event any CD is damaged upon transit please return the item and we will gladly re-send you a replacement free of charge!

All CD prices are in $USD and includes FREE postage and handling

MP3 Information

High Quality MP3 ~ Our Product Disclosure.  

MP3 Technical Data

File Format: MP3
Channels: 2  Stereo16-bit 
Sample Rate: 44100Hz,
Bit Rate  256 Kbps
Listening Time: 45 Min

Download is available immediately after payment, you will receive an email with the link to the download.

The download time will vary depending on your connection speed. It is recommended that you have a broad-band connection.

Please listen to MP3 sample as we do not refund any downloadable files!

What Brain Waves Technology have created for our customers is a selection of the finest quality, highly effective and reasonable price self development products.

What differentiates the Brain Waves Technology from other brands?
What really differentiate one product from another is the quality, as well as the research used to formulate the product.


These audio recordings or any information provided on this site is not a replacement for medical diagnosis or treatment. This or any other self improvement product should not be relied upon for any medical conditions, either medical or mental, please seek appropriate medical care from your doctor or hospital.

End of Bubbling Brook CD....

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