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Bodybuilding Booster 2 CD Progam 


The most kept secret in bodybuilding what your competitors don't want you to know! This what is used to get the edge in top bodybuilding competitions, if your serious about your workouts and motivation keep reading to find out how top competitors get the edge. Shift your Body and Mind into top gear with this powerful Neuro Psychoacoustics Technology.

This is the "Mr. Universe" of all products, a pure muscle audio that uses cutting edge state of the art audio technology to guide brain frequencies to deep delta levels that are associated to healing and regeneration and HGH. And, a powerful

Self hypnosis subliminal audio to help you get & stay motivated & achieve your body building goals.This "super strength" audio uses state of the art brain wave entrainment technologies that are deeper than many other products and is as good as it gets. By using this scientifically developed audio it will help you to quickly and easily induce your brain waves to enter into desired states of consciousness.

This CD super set contains two powerful audio recordings - The rapid recovery aid with the healing waves of delta and the subliminal workout motivator. Each CD has been designed to compliment each other.

CD 1 Subliminal Workout Motivator is designed to enhance motivation and overcome mental barriers, helping to maximize the efforts of your workouts.

CD 2 Rapid Recovery aid with brainwave entrainment helps aid recovery and regeneration by taking the brainwaves to a deep delta state, where healing and rejuvenation normally occurs. Helping to maximize your body's own innate ability to heal

CD 1 Subliminal Work Out Motivator

Align your subconscious mind - Powerful subliminal audio contains positive affirmations to enhance motivation, overcome mental barriers and help you gain a competitive edge.

This powerful subliminal bodybuilding audio consists of positive affirmations and music, consciously you will only hear the music, however your subconscious will receive and hear the positive affirmations. The self hypnosis subliminal recording can be played in the background without headphones.

The subliminal affirmations motivational quotes used on this recording,
The subliminal affirmations motivational quotes used on this recording

This amazing Neuro technology has been professionally developed to assist the body's natural ability to heal, using targeted precise frequencies of delta and co created by a professionally trained counselor who has an interest in human consciousness, considers the exploration of spirit and soul in the search for meaning and is an experienced meditator with over 20 years of meditation experience.

This audio is of superior quality and professionally engineered, it is designed for optimum effectiveness, using powerful techniques including backmasking.  

The subliminal suggestions are embedded into music and are designed to bypass the conscious mind or conscious level of perception. The conscious mind is not aware of them, as they have been embedded just below the music at an inaudible range. However, the subliminal messages are perceived by the subconscious mind, as the recorded information is sent directly to the subconscious mind. When used as a self improvement tool, subliminal messages may be useful for those who have chose to use it as part of an overall self improvement plan - providing' that there is motivation and a determination by the listener to bring about the desired change. There is no brain entrainment on the subliminal recording. As with any personal development tool individual results may vary. 

2 CD Pack

CD 1 Features an uplifting yet ambient rhythm embedded with subliminal positive suggestions. Enhance motivation, maximize the efforts of your workouts. Gain that Competitive Edge!

CD 2 Features powerful brainwave entrainment, along with the ambient flowing of the brook nature sounds. This creates a highly effective relaxation experience to promote a deep  delta brain wave state. By simply listening to this powerful audio, within minutes your mind will begin to wind down and move into a deep delta state of consciousness..

Unlike other audios that use one frequency, this powerful audio uses precise frequencies of delta.

CD 2 Rapid Recovery

Rapid Recovery aid uses state of the art sound technology to help guide your brainwaves down into the deep delta brainwave state. This audio features delta waves, delta waves have been associated to the release of human growth hormone, helpful for regeneration and healing. This audio has been designed to take the brainwaves to a deep delta level where HGH is generally released. Discover deeper rest and renewal with the frequencies of delta.

Sound technology - featuring delta waves to induce a deeply relaxing and restorative state, which is ideal for healing.

Delta waves combined with meditative background sounds blend perfectly to help gently unwind you and move your brainwaves from the fast waves of beta into the relaxing and restorative waves of deep delta. This audio can also be used as a sleep aid for those restless nights, assisting a deep and healing sleep. It has no voice instructions specific to any subject, so it can be used for your own healing visualizations, affirmations.

Delta - Linked to Deep Sleep, Regeneration, Healing, Immune Function.

This audio uses powerful precise sound waves, employing the Frequency Following Response effect helping guide the mind into peak performance states. By listening to this audio with stereo headphones for several minutes, your brainwaves become synchronized to the frequencies, employing the frequency following response (FFR). Brainwave synchronization by means of entrainment balances and synchronizes both hemispheres of the brain. Research has shown that certain consciousness states release and balances numerous beneficial neurotransmitters, as well as provide an overall feeling of wellbeing.

The brain wave technology used on this audio helps guide the mind into the brainwave state of deep delta. Delta waves are associated to growth hormone, which is important for day to day regeneration and may be a beneficial aid to accelerate the healing or recovery process.

Convenient Maximize Your Time ~ By listening to the brainwave audio with stereo headphones nightly around bedtime the delta waves will help induce a deeply relaxing state - favorable to deep restorative and restful sleep

Why pay more when you can have an exceptional product at an affordable and realistic price.

What Brain Waves Technology have created for our customers is a selection of the finest quality, highly effective and reasonable price self development products.

What differentiates the Brain Waves Technology from other brands?
What really differentiate one product from another is the quality, as well as the research used to formulate the product.

Our goal is simple, to help you find the path to joy and wellbeing. 

Twin Pack CD CoverTwin Pack CD Cover

Overview of Frequency Range used in this Powerful Meditation Audio

Bodybuilding Booster HGH Neuro Activity at Different Stages of Consciousness

All you need is a stereo headphone set and a quiet place to relax, close your eyes and in minutes you will begin to feel transformed into a peaceful and relaxed state of mind 

The sample is too short to gain the full effect and is sample quality only.

For the full effect you need to purchase the 45Min CD or MP3

Please Note: Prolonged stress should be treated by a qualified professional.

Caution: Do not listen to this audio or the CD if you have epilepsy, seizures or any other medical conditions that may be affected by brain synchronization/stimulation. Not to be used while driving or operating equipment


2 CDs Information Pack


CD 1 Rapid Recovery Information

CD Technical Data

File Format: Audio 1 Track
Channels: 2 Stereo
Time: 45 Min

CD 2 Subliminal Work Out Motivator Information

CD Technical Data

File Format: Audio 1 Track
Channels: 2 Stereo
Time: 30 Min

In the unlikely event any CD is damaged upon transit please return the item and we will gladly re-send you a replacement free of charge!

All CD prices are in $USD and includes FREE postage and handling

2 MP3s Information Pack

Fast Instant Download

High Quality MP3 ~ Product Disclosure.

MP3 Audio 1 Rapid Recovery Information

Rapid Recovery MP3 Technical Data

File Format: MP3
Channels: 2  Stereo16-bit 
Sample Rate: 44100Hz,
Bit Rate  256 Kbps
Listening Time: 45 Min
File Name: Rapid-Recovery.mp3
File Size: 82.4 MB (86,405,666 bytes)

PDF File Name: MP3-Front-Cover.pdf 
File Size: 932 KB (954,368 bytes)

Archive File Name:
Archive File Size: 80.8 MB (84,728,000 bytes)

MP3 Audio 2 Subliminal Workout Motivator Information

Subliminal Workout Motivator MP3 Technical Data

File Format: MP3
Channels: 2  Stereo16-bit 
Sample Rate: 44100Hz,
Bit Rate  256 Kbps
Listening Time: 30 Min
File Name: Subliminal-Workout-Motivator.mp3
File Size: 54.9 MB (57,601,591 bytes)

PDF File Name: Affirmations-Subliminal-Workout-Motivator.pdf
File Size: 15.3 KB (15,711 bytes)

Archive File Name:
Archive File Size: 47.1 MB (49,420,090 bytes)

What Brain Waves Technology have created for our customers is a selection of the finest quality, highly effective and reasonable price self development products.

What differentiates the Brain Waves Technology from other brands?
What really differentiate one product from another is the quality, as well as the research used to formulate the product.

These audio recordings or any information provided on this site is not a replacement for medical diagnosis or treatment. This or any other self improvement product should not be relied upon for any medical conditions, either medical or mental, please seek appropriate medical care from your doctor or hospital. Always use products responsibly.

Simply the best bodybuilding motivation music

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End of Body Building Booster 2 CD MP3 Pack....





































































































































































































































































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