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Enhance your emotional, mental and physical wellbeing, Brainwave Technology can guide
your mind into gentle states of consciousness.....       From soothing relaxation to ultra deep relaxation and beyond.....

Clinically proven, cutting edge state of the art audio technology to alter brainwave state.

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Here is why we have the best audio products on the market . . . 

Best Meditation Music CD's

Powerful and scientifically proven audio brainwave technology: Brain Waves Technology produces some of the best relaxation and meditation downloadable programs, to support optimal mental states and overall  well being.

Offering audio guided meditation music programs applying comprehensively researched precision frequencies to help with the exploration of deep and profound brain states. Our programs can facilitate relaxation to meditation without frustration. We have an extensive selection of audio relaxation and meditation music programs designed  to support  healing or recovery, explore enriched states of consciousness, deepening levels of relaxation and deeper rest, along with personal and spiritual growth. These specialized brainwave CD's and Mp3 downloads are designed to deliver. Furthermore, these high quality entrainment recordings are overseen and produced by a professional with a background in counseling and who acknowledges the therapeutic potential of relaxation and more specifically binaural beats, along with brain entrainment processes.

Here you will find some of the best relaxation music CDs, that have been harmonically layered and infused with vibrational frequencies, along with the additional support of brain entrainment, to gently induce highly beneficial relaxed altered states of consciousness.

Optimal Relaxation States

By harmonically balancing brain waves with highly effective frequencies, for example alpha, theta and delta waves and using proven brain entrainment processes, listening over time promotes 'whole brain thinking' or hemispheric synchronization, assisting higher level brain function, leading to what is termed Peak States and may enhance overall mental performance and feelings of general well being.

Begin to explore profound and deeper levels of relaxation without the need for hours of diligent practice. Within a few minutes of listening,  brainwave patterns match the entrainment stimulus, helping in an easier effortless way to explore deeper states, regardless of whether you're a beginner or an experienced master.

  • Access effortless relaxation states
  • Access deep meditative states, improve your skills
  • Elevate emotional, mental and physical health
  • A great aid to help clear the mind
  • Clear and focused thinking
  • Greater creativity, creative flow
  • Improved memory
  • Better sleep
  • Inner peace
  • Spiritual growth, connection or awakening
  • A sense of well being, life satisfaction
  • Heightened perception, often referred to as intuition

Our background music is sourced from some of the best musical masters, some with over thirty years experience in music and audio production, as well as music composition for film, television, radio and corporate events. We only choose the best professionals, those who understand and convey the depths of relaxation and meditation music.

The best Relaxation CD downloads

Alpha waves are ideal to help induce a state of relaxation or light meditative state ideal for effective stress relief and management. Theta waves help to create a deep profound relaxation associated to memory, problem solving and bursts of creative insight and delta waves are associated to sleep, regeneration and healing on deep levels and may help one to reach one of the deepest levels, making it ideal to explore some of the deepest healing meditations. Additionally, may help as  an aide to restore healthier sleep patterns for a better sleep.

Binaural beats are a periodic fluctuation of sound intensity, created by two tones of a slightly different frequency and are presented to each ear separately. The brain perceives a third frequency or rather beat, which is the difference of the two tones combined. It is this standing wave that entrains brainwaves. Using sound is one of the easiest and gentle ways to alter brain waves into a desirable state. The beats influence brain waves by a natural process known as the frequency following response (FFR). Brain waves will naturally resonate in rhythm with the binaural beat. By listening to binaural beat entrainment recordings over time, the brain becomes more synchronised. This leads to new positive connections being formed between both the right and left brain hemispheres, leading to brain synchronization or whole brain thinking. These professionally produced  meditation MP3s CD's will help to balance the two hemispheres of the brain. Furthermore, the neural synchronicity may assist higher level brain function.

The brainwave states and their characteristic are generally related to
  • Alpha - (creativity, relaxation, visualization, super learning)
  • Theta - (memory, problem solving, insights, intuition)
  • Delta - (sleep, healing, regeneration, subconscious)

As one naturally moves through states of consciousness including meditative or day dreaming for example, brain waves change.

Research has associated hemispheric synchronization with the enhanced ability to learn, along with more focused concentration, as well as creative bursts of insight and feelings of greater peace.


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Our CDs MP3s Downloads

Advanced Multi Level Meditation Program.
This System is designed to promote all the health benefits of the body's Natural Neuro-Chemicals

This audio will help you reach deep states of consciousness ranging from alpha to delta..

Sacred Healing Sound Journey has Brainwave Frequencies associated with Healing and Human Growth Hormone HGH.. & Ambient Soft Music
Extreme Weight Loss... Subliminal Weight Loss
System. Lose weight easily effortlessly with this program
Unleash The Power of Your Brain ~ Enter the elusive theta state & expand your mind.

Extreme Creative Brain Power easily enter the elusive theta state & expand your creative mind.

Alpha Deep Relaxation
Be guided into serenity and rejuvenate all your senses with soothing  alpha waves.

Shift your Body and Mind into top gear with this powerful Neuro Psychoacoustics....  Stimulate your  HGH... 
The "Mr. Universe" of all products 
Sleep Baby Sleep music will get your baby to sleep with the sound of the Mothers Womb, White Noise & Ambient Soft Music

Digital Sounds Meditation uses sophisticated digital sounds to gently guide the mind into Ultra Deep Meditation. Sleep Eazzzy ~ Easy
This audio uses state of the art sound technology to guide you into restful and regenerative sleep. The best Insomnia CD..
FREE MP3 Download
Subliminal Quit Smoking 
Subliminal Stop Smoking  help ease cravings and create a healthy mindset to break the pattern of addiction.

Self confidence building CD Download, with powerful subliminal self esteem and confidence affirmations, one of the best subliminal self hypnosis to overcome low self confidence.Self confidence building CD Download, with powerful subliminal self esteem and confidence affirmations, one of the best subliminal self hypnosis to overcome low self confidence.

Self confidence & self esteem, Subliminal Audio Overcome low self confidence and limitations.....

Best Meditation Music ♫ | CD MP3 Downloads.

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